Anschutz 1415-1416. Boxed with all accesories Anschutz .22 Single Shot Description:.22 Long Rifle bolt action single shot has 22 1/2 inch barrel with original sights including rear marked for 25, 50, 75, and 100 meters. Gun is in great condition The bolt works fast due to the low bolt lift angle and short bolt throw, and the handle has a moulded plastic shroud with faceted edges making for a comfortable grip. Looking for a browning or nortinco 22 Cal Rifle Bolt Action that can shot Anschtz rifles are used by many competitive shooters participating in the Summer Olympics 50 meter rifle events and is the maker of the standard biathlon rifle used at . Behind this to the right is the safety, which pulls back for SAFE and reverse for FIRE. Also send me selected promotions from trusted 3rd parties. The Sportsman Gun Centre is a specialist retailer of hunting and shooting merchandise. This website uses cookies to improve and customise your browsing experience. No outer tube means more internal volume, making this. Metal would have been my preference to be honest. . Anschutz Precise Rear Sight , . The Erector by Q is made up of clear hard-coat anodized aircraft grade aluminum baffles, a mount and front cap, and one stainless steel blast baffle. Inc Moderator The gun is in super condition. Single-stage in operation as are the other three triggers it is predictable and its let-off is crisp. Attractive woodwork. Browse Anschutz .22 Bolt Action for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK's #1 gun marketplace. Fitted mod, mounted 3-9 x 50 A good and little used Anschutz 1451. ANYONE born in 1972 who wants A BRAND NEW, UNFIRED Anschutz Match 54 Competition .22 Rim Fire Target Rifle? They grew to be the respectable rifle manufacturer they are today. 22LR Set in a Monte Carlo, Walnut, Right Hand Stock, with Factory Fitted Sling Swivels. 22lr rifle with ambidextrous stock and right hand bolt. 22 rifle a used anschutz model 525 semi auto rifle in. Can send to any RFD in UK or Ireland. WITTIG/BRAUNSCHWEIG" in an oval. Rifle has had little use in the last few years, needs a good home. Anschutz, Match 54. In my opinion you cant go far wrong with a .22 rimfire rifle, whether you buy one new or second-hand. The Anschutz XIV: In my option the Anschutz trigger is top of the group. Condition: FAIR 425, SUPER MATCH MOD 1813 OLYMPIC 84 PRONE RIFLE .22 LR FITTED AL FREELAND OPTIC FRONT AND REAR SIGHTS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION USED WITH AGE RELATED MARKS GOOD HONEST GUN BECOMING RARE IN THIS CONDITION, New Anschutz Model 1761 DHB G-20 Thumbhole Walnut The gun is in super condition. New Anschutz 22lr I SERIOUSLY DOUBT there will be another like this to be found ANYWHERE. Great condition, shoots straight, routinely achieving mid 90s in 25yrd target rifle comps. We can ship to UK mainland RFDs for 40 Just like the Half Nelson, the Full Nelson does NOT need a tapered muzzle to mount to. 22-LR semi auto rimfire rifle 10 shot magazine pao scope 3-9X50 with Andhutz 1416 Complete with moderator Anschutz, Match 54. The bolt is cam cocking. Copyright 2023 Aceville Publications Ltd.Registration number: 04109672 | Registered Office Address: 185 Fleet Street, London, England, EC4A 2HS. System Gemini Aktiv buttplate, true left handed bolt action with 2 stage trigger 18 inch threaded barrel fitted with form custom sabre bedded stocks in a black finish can be fitted with a mod and rail scope of your choice at extra cost good all round rifles with out. Often overlooked to create a fancier stock or better scope, the trigger unit is in fact often the key to a rifles accuracy. For details on how we use your data, please see our, 2023 - all rights reserved - a member of the Friday-Ad network|, Sign me up to the newsletter, Send me offers and promotions from third parties. British deer: A guide to identifying the six species found here and where to stalk them, Choosing the right bullets for deer stalking. ANYONE born in 1972 who wants A BRAND NEW, UNFIRED Anschutz Match 54 Competition .22 Rim Fire Target Rifle? Rifle in excellent condition. Perfect for a shorter gun where the added length isnt a huge deal, toss it on and you never have to take it off. Comes with an Anschutz bipod. Come complete with bipod, Immaculate Anschutz 1416 Left handed bolt action .22 This rifle is extremely accurate and is in excellent condition, it has a matt finish stainless steel barrel, adjustable cheek piece, adjustable butt pad with shoulder hook, palm rest and bipod. The Mini Fix is currently offered in an 8 1:5 twist 300 BLK configuration with optional 12 5.56 barrels offered by both Q and Proof Research. Case: Smidtt and Bender scope COME COMPLETE WITH The iron sights proved practical, though the large rear U-notch plate does tend to restrict vision around the target a little. For all further enquiries please quote number: 106 The Anschutz stands out as a superbly made and accurate rifle with the best trigger and accuracy in the test, but the lack of a synthetic stock might be an issue to some. Includes: Anschutz Precise Bipod, It comes with a booster for tilt barrel actions and Q has fixed mounts available as well for mounting on fixed barrels. Comes with an Anschutz bipod. Excellent condition Anshutz 64 target rifle. WILDCAT WHISPER MODERATOR A lightweight Anschutz wih a 10 round magazine, topped with a Hawke Sport HD 3-9x50. Shrike Scope - 10x40 included Though it exceeded expectations, it was never brought to the commercial market. adjustable right hand stock.. 22 cal Anschutz Match 64 bolt action single shot target rifle with 26" barrel and adjustable butt pad. a couple of small marks but the bore is excellent. Includes Parker Hale Mod Shooting Surplus. 14 screw cut barrel . Bolt Action Single Shot; Straight Pull; Discipline: Clay Pigeon; Dangerous Game; Deerstalking; . All days are / can be flexible but please call first to make sure. Anschutz Match 1907 bolt action rifle in .22lr, True L/H Anschutz .22LR in good condition with L/H bolt opening. Developed in conjunction with 300 AAC Blackout, the Honey Badger was born. Attractive woodwork. Anschutz Model 1415-1416 .22LR rifle. A used rifle that would suit a beginner or club use gun. Also send me selected promotions from trusted 3rd parties. With Scope mount and Sound Moderator as pictured. Without a dedicated blast baffle, the stainless steel baffles can be arranged in any configuration. The bolt with, true left handed bolt action 18 inch threaded barrel fitted with form custom sabre bedded stocks in a black finish can be fitted with a mod and rail scope of your choice good all round rifles with out compromise. It's top quality . A swift unscrew of a single securing clamp and the Sako can fit any of the .17 Mach 2, .17HMR, .22LR or .22WMR barrels so any vermin can be engaged. Like & Follow Ingleby Guns on Facebook for More Guns, Mint condition Anschutz 1416B 1800 rounds, supplied with original box and paperwork, Hawke 6-24x50 ao scope, Superb Anschutz Model 1517 Thumbhole Sako and Ruger are screw-cut for a sound moderator. This rifle comes with a 16" screw cut barrel with 1/2UNF thread. type 54 action, ANSCHUTZ 1907 WITH 1918 STOCK PRECISE M GRIP 22Lr RIFLE Despite only getting a four star rating, the CZ 452 rifle series is the most fondly considered and prolific rimfire rifle around and has some faithful owners. 22LR Anschutz 1710 Bolt Action Rifle. British isles, Highlands and N.I. Anschutz is a German manufacturer with an impeccable name for the accuracy of its rifles. Anschutz 1416 d classic walnut. J.G. USED ANSCHUTZ 1417 WALNUT .22LR B/A RIFLE An Anschutz 1761 Walnut Thumbhole in .17HMR. in excellent condition. Because all the four calibres share the same rim dimensions, extraction is good. 22 bolt action rifle a used anschutz 1416 d classic walnut. In this mode the trigger is disabled but the bolt operates if necessary. c/w moderator and Hawke 3-9x40 scope. The rifle looks to of had very little use. This is in perfect working order. 22lr bolt action rifle. The trigger guard is a polymer-moulded unit. This model has a good trade-in value too if you fancy an upgrade later on. It should (WILL) see anyone through until they cant possibly use it any more. 22LR rifle, with 6 X 42 Scope and Parker Hale sound moderator. Finally, Anschutz only offer wood stocks in this range, which is a pity, but the stock on the XIV rifle is a classic sporter style. It uses a 6-position receiver extension, or buffer tube for you yee yee folks, that houses a carbine length action spring and buffer, and is topped off with a. custom gray SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace. This website uses cookies to provide the best possible functionality. Weight: 3.27kg, 7.18lbs The Cheek-piece is adjustable for height and the butt-plate is adjustable , Aschutz Mod 54 Match R/H target rifle with Anschtuz rear sight and multi-coloured selector aperature and newish (2 years) AHG foresight. This Anschutz 1913 is the ultimate Small-bore target rifle. Short, lightweight, and hearing safe, the Half Nelson is a silencer for those who prefer a more compact platform, or who don't want unnecessary length added to their favorite gun. Crisp trigger The chequering is not massively aggressive but provides enough hold where its needed. Barrel, Anschutz 27" 1813 SM V.G C, ANSCHTZ Premium air rifles and small bore rifles. Each works well, but theres a big price difference for spares. Bolt Action HAND STOP . 250. Spotless. The pistol grip is full and deep showing a more upright angle, chequering is in the usual places and theres a man-sized length of pull (LOP) of 14.17. The perfect introduction to the world of shooting sports. 22LR This ones been a sleeper and in very good condition. Then pass down to a son or daughter as part of your legacy. Presented in Excellent Condition. Cheap and Cheerful target rifle with Anschutz front and rear sights 22lr rifle with ambidextrous stock and right hand bolt. So too is the Sakos polymer stock with angled finger grooves instead of chequering, though their walnut stocks are pleasantly heavy and balance well. On that point the bolt can be cycled with the safety ON, which is good for unloading. The rifle dates to the 1980's. Thread for silencer 1/2" 20 UNF . There are three integral proprietary scope-mounting slots to the top of the action. The 1416 D KL uses Anschtzs Match 64 action and is of tubular design. The ergonomic shape, which supports the natural hand posture, helps to concentrate on the essentials, the shot! IDEAL JUNIOR / LADIES GUN. From the gas system to the trigger, and telescoping stock, nothing was overlooked and Qs Honey Badger will have you smiling every time you touch it. in excellent condition. Full build retail of 5450 Futuristic design with the attributes of a classic. Anschutz first offered the 14in short model. Lovely walnut stock in superb condition. The short 14 floating barrel allows a compact yet very accurate gun. When can deer be hunted? ADJUSTABLE BUTT PAD All the four .22 rifles I have picked out have good triggers, some are more precise than others. Complete with moderator ANSCHTZ rifles are not just simple serial products. Condition is Anschutz 1451 This rifle is fitted with a Fully Adjustable Match Grade Single Stage Trigger. 17" Blued Barreled Action (Screw Cut 1/2"UNF), with a Anschutz Model 520 Self-Loading Sporting Rifle in Excellent Condition. Anschutz 9015A ONE Benchrest Pro. a small rub to the wood on the tip of the fore end. Anschtz has a solid reputation in sport shooting and is highly regarded for accuracy in their hunting rifles. Ultra compact !!!! The short 14 floating barrel allows a compact yet very accurate gun. In doing so, we draw from the source of traditional craftsmanship that has never become old-fashioned. (Read the full review here). ADJUSTABLE BUTT PAD Its short compact design 36in overall with an 18in barrel and ambidextrous Sporter stock means it's perfect for a rabbit lamping trip from a pickup. In two halves, the front half of the bolt has twin guiding rails to stop it binding in operation. 13" barrel with thread for moderator A few scuffs on the woodwork but otherwise in very good condition . . The cut-outs give the 1782 in the thumbhole stock a futuristic look that will still, New Anschutz model 1710 HB ES G-28 XLR rifle Bolt Action Rifle. Subcategory Single Barrel. The trigger, being an Anschtz, perfectly . Questions welcome. Model 54.30 in a Walnut stock 26" barrel. 26'' barrel with Anschutz diopter sights, 10 shot mag fully serviced with a Pre owned - anshutz 525. Comes with a Parker-Hale moderator. CZ soon followed with the 16in barrel range. I like the Sako Quad. Alternately you could opt for the 1416 D HB Classic, which offer a heavier 19mm, bare-backed barrel; everything else is identical. ANSCHUTZ 1907 WITH 1918 STOCK PRECISE M GRIP 22Lr RIFLE Milled out of high quality strength aluminum, this stock has a very slim fore-end with large radius and is suitable for all hand sizes. In very good working order. Comes with 1x 5 round magazine and a Wildcat Whisper.. BLUING IN POOR SHAPE NEAR MUZZLE Ruger rimfire stocks are always elegant, but its black plastic or laminated models are for those that use rimfires daily. Category Shotguns. This gun can be sent Anschutz 1415-1416. Rifle has had little use in the last few years, needs a good home. $2,495.00. Anschutz Garden gun 9 mm Single Barrel. Anschutz rifles are made in Germany . ANSCHUTZ 1727F .17HMR 22.1" BLUED GERMAN STOCK! The barrel is long at 22 for a 22 Rimfire and of medium weight with a 16mm diameter and counter-bored at the muzzle. Thumbhole walnut stock in Left Hand orientation. 013169, Anschutz 1416D HB .22Lr 23" Blued Classic Beavertail A009982X, Anschutz 1416Dhb Classic .22Lr Heavy Barrel Blued Walnut A009980X, Anschutz 64Mp R .22Lr 25.5" Blued Beavertail 009977, Anschutz 1517D .17Hmr 23" Blued Classic A009962, Anschutz 1712 Silhouette .22Lr 2-Stg 21.6" Blued Monte-Carlo 007594, Anschutz 1710D HB .22Lr 23"Hb Blued Classic Stock 000454, Anschutz 1710D KL .22Lr 23" Blued Monte-Carlo Stock 000439, Anschutz Magazine .17Hmr 4-Rounds Stainless Steel 012961SS, Anschutz Magazine .22Wmr 4Rd Stainless Steel 012960SS, Anschutz Single Shot Adapter Fits .22Lr Repeaters 001485, Anschutz Magazine .22Lr 10Rd Blued Steel 001154, Anschutz Magazine .22Lr 5Rd Blued Steel 001153, Anschutz Sight Set Complete For Target Rifles 000934. Anschutz rifles are made in Germany . Has fired less than 200 rounds from new. Something for all tastes here whether you want to go down the practical synthetic route or plain sporter beech up to varmint-profiled stocks and quality walnut. Identical to the Erector 22, just in 9mm, it's the lightest can of its class at only 8 oz in its longest configuration. Anschutz 9015 Black Air. For more information please see our privacy policy. 175 For a Quick Sale Very accurate rifle in well-maintained condition. The controls consist of an angled and swept back bolt handle with a large ball end, this engages down into the receiver to lock the action. It is quite straightforward to, Why the .22 is perfect for rabbit hunters. This guide should help you make some decisions. Its all up to you! This Pre-owned Anschutz Match 1807 Bolt Action Rifle in .22 LR is in very good condition and comes complete with genuine Anschutz slide on dioptre sight. Forward is the fire position; the middle position is a safe trigger but allows operation of the bolt (to remove a cartridge, for example).The rear position locks up both the trigger and bolt with the lever resting in a notch cut within the bolt shroud, making the whole rifle safe. Anschutz Match 54 V Good Condition This Anschutz 1761 Thumbhole is fitted with a two-stage light trigger and features a tulip style forend. 97% of all biathletes worldwide trust in us. Ruger M77/22 Carbine. Bolt Action perfect starter or club gun Anschutz 9015 ONE Basic. This is smoothbore and in its original box! Short barrel: FAC required. Sights, Anschutz set including Dioptre Anschutz offer this gun in both right and left hand options. Threaded 1/2 inch UNF for a moderator. If you spot a Ruger for sale second-hand then you should seriously considering buying it. Configure this silencer with one baffle, or all ten to fit your needs. The rear-sight is the Anschutz 7002 Cantable with fixed rear aperture. This pistol utilizes a custom SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace designed specifically for the Mini Fix. Large "JGA" in an oval on the top of the chamber. Could pass for a new rifle BRAND NEW, STILL IN ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGING. Mod available. The bolt is cam cocking. 9015 HP BR50. A very clean, original and lightly used example. . True left hander!! The El Camino by Q combines performance, durability, and style into a lightweight package. Anschutz rifles are German made , it's top quality . 24" barrel without mod attached. It is fully rotary welded with no outer tube which gives it more internal volume, and features standard size wrench flats on the front and back for easy on and off. Copyright 2023 Aceville Publications Ltd. Comes with A Tec Moderator SPORT Whether air rifle or small bore - with ANSCHTZ sporting rifles you will succeed. It, Anschutz Super Match 1913 B/A rifle in .22lr Still extremely lightweight and made entirely from titanium, the Thunder Chicken may be a bit longer than the Trash Panda, but its certainly not cumbersome by any means. 2. 2 stage light trigger unit , adjustable. Anschutz 1415-1416. Quiet and precise position. The Half Nelson does NOT need a tapered muzzle to mount to. Actual Gun Shown. The Anschutz: Here the safety is pushed forward to fire, revealing a warning red dot on the bottom receiver tang, and rearwards for safe. The ejector, sited in the bottom of the receiver, energetically clears empties. Anschutz Match 1907 bolt action rifle in .22lr, High polished surface is sealed with Nano technology. The rifle is simply superb . Action & Trigger, Anschutz V.G.C, Anschutz Two Stage Match Adjustable, Anschutz 9015A ONE Basic Benchrest. Unlike the CZ, extraction is via a single extractor claw. 22 Short Ammo. Developed in conjunction with 300 AAC Blackout, the Honey Badger was born. Calibre: .22LR Choke 3: . Just like the Half Nelson is to the Trash Panda, the Full Nelson is the direct-thread cousin to the Thunder Chicken. in overall good condition with few marks. ANSCHUTZ SINGLE SHOT ADAPTER FITS .22LR . Condition 9. for use with .22 bird shot cartridges,we have plenty available. The Anschtz 1761 D HB Walnut Classic small calibre carabine excels in smoothness. It is made entirely out of titanium with a PVD coating. Single-shot. There are two opposed extractor claws that ensure positive extraction, while the rear section of the bolt has two large locking lugs that lock down vertically and solidly to the action. Target barrel UIT ANSHUTZ ACCESSORY RAIL 2 stage light trigger unit , adjustable. 350. Spotless. This version of the Model 64 has a 14 barrel and sporter stock of walnut or beech. APR Unleashed precision LIGHT SHOOTING The entry into the world of sport shooting. Includes Parker Hale Mod 22LR Anschutz 1710 Bolt Action Rifle. Includes front & rear sights (includes iris with filters), hand stop, Lovely condition, does not look to have been used very much. Excellent condition Anshutz 64 target rifle. Useful for a vermin rifle because it allows positive, quick, follow-up shots. Realistic Retail on this rifle today is circa 2850 and more. What you have is an Anschutz premium Model 54 action in the guise of the 1710 series bolt action rifle mated to a Select Match grade .22 rimfire barrel with match chambering. The Honey Badger Pistol is quite literally the same as the Honey Badger SBR, just with Qs proprietary sliding brace instead of the stock. J. G. Anschtz GmbH & Co. KG is a sporting firearms manufacturer based in Ulm, Germany, that makes rimfire and centerfire rifles as well as air rifles and air pistols for target and competition shooting, as well as hunting. 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